Sunnyside Organic Seedlings
Mustard greens

As part of doing business, Sunnyside Organic Seedlings ends up with starts that are no longer market-worthy, but still in need of good garden homes! Rather than let them go to waste, we donate these starts to non-profit gardens around the Bay Area. It's part of our commitment to help our community prosper. We feel particularly good when these starts go into our local schools' educational gardens, where the next generation of farmers is being nurtured.

These are some of the gardens that have planted donated Sunnyside Organic seedlings:

  • Nutrition Network at Berkeley Unified School District
  • Berkeley Youth Alternatives
  • Haven Family House, Shelter Network
  • Spiral Gardens Community Food Security Project
  • Soil Born Farm Urban Agriculture Project
  • Hayward Nutritional Learning Project
  • East Bay Asian Youth Center
  • Oakland Based Urban Gardens
  • University of California Cooperative Extension, Alameda County
  • City Slicker Farms, Oakland
  • Common Ground Organic Garden Education Center, Palo Alto
  • Stanford Student Community Garden Group
  • Almost Eden Garden Project


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