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We are proud to present our offerings for the 2010 season. This list of vegetables, herbs, and flowers includes last season’s trusted winners and many new varieties selected for their performance in our 2009 trials. We are particularly excited about our selection of scented geraniums!

As usual, we're growing an amazing variety of heirloom and hybrid tomatoes, peppers, greens, and other tasty things suited to growing in the greater Bay Area. This year we're offering over 100 varieties of tasty tomatoes, from dwarf cherry to beefsteak.

Click on a category below to browse through our selection or learn how to place a wholesale order:


    Crop  Varieties
Nightshades Tomatoes Amana Orange, Amish Paste, Arkansas Traveler, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Aussie Beefsteak, Banana Legs, Betterboy F1, Big Beef F1, Big Zebra, Black, Black Brandywine, Black Cherry, Black From Tula, Black Krim, Black Pear, Black Plum, Black Prince, Black Sea Man, Black Zebra, Box Car Willie, Burbank Red, Cabernet, Carmello F1, Caro Rich, Caspian Pink, Celebrity, Celebrity F1, Ceylon, Chadwick Cherry, Cherokee Purple, Climbing Trip/Italian Tree, Amish Paste, Constoluto Genoveso, Copia, Coustralee, Dona F1, Early Girl Bush F1, Elfin, Fantastic F1, German Red Strawberry, Giant Valentine Vfast, Glacier, Gold Nugget, Great White, Green Grape, Green Sausage, Green Zebra, Gregoris Altai, Health Kick, Ildi, Isis Candy, Italian Red Pear, Jelly Bean Red, Jelly Bean Yellow, Jerseys Devil F1, Jolly F1, Juanne Flammee, Jubilee, Juliet F1, Kellogs Breakfast, Lemon Boy, Lemon Plum, Marglobe, Marianna'S Peace, Marmande, Marvel Stripe, Micro Tom F1, Momotaro F1, Moskvich, Mr. Brown, Mule Team, Nepal, Omar's Lebanese, Orange Banana, Orange Strawberry, Oregon Spring F1, Oxheart Orange, Patio Hybrid F1, Peach, Peron Sprayless, Persimmon, Pineapple, Principe Borghese, Rainbow, Red Brandywine, Red Calbash, Red Cup, Red Currant, Red Grape F1, Red Rose, Reisentrube, Ropreco, Rose De Berne, San Francisco Fog F1, San Marzano, Saulsilito, Scotia, Siletz, Snow White F1, Soldaki, Striped Cavern, Striped German, Stupice, Suddeth Strain Brandywine, Sugar Lump, Sungella F1, Sungold F1, Super Sweet 100 F1, Sweet Baby Girl F1, Taxi, Thessalonki, Tomatoberry F1, Tumbler Cherry Hybrid, Ugly, Variegated Tomato, Watermelon Beefsteak, Window Box Roma F1, Yellow Brandywine, Yellow Canary F1, Yellow Pear, Yellow Plum
Tomatillos La Milpa
Eggplants Ping Tung Long, Neon F1, Nadia F1, Black Beauty, Rosa Bianca, Lil' Fingers
Bell Peppers Ace, Chocolate Beauty, Mini Yellow Bell Peppers, Peto Wonder, Apple F1, Lipstick F1, Cubanelle, Mulato Costeno, Paprika, Pasillo Bajo, Pepprocini Gold, Pizza Pepper, California Wonder Orange, California Wonder, Corno Di Toro Red, Corno Di Toro Yellow, Anaheim, Nardello, Gypsy F1, Valencia, Marconi Red, Nu-Mex Big Jim
Hot Peppers Bulgarian Carrot, Fresno Chili, Habenero, Hungarian Hot Wax, Hot Czech Black, Garden Salsa F1, Cayenne Long Red Slim, Early Jalapeņo, Kung-Pao, Lemon Drop, Serrano Del Sol, Thai Hot
Sweet Peppers Ancho, Boldog Hungarian Spice, Corno Di Toro Red, Pasilla Bajio, Round Of Hungary, Tiburon
Brassicas, Coles and Other leafy greens Broccoli De Cicco, Munchkin, Spring Raab, Gypsy
Cauliflower Graffiti, Snow Crown, Snowball, Romanesco
Brussel Sprouts Long Island Improved
Cabbage Gonzales, Lettucy Type Chinese Cabbage, Red Express, Storage
Collards Flash
Kale Red Russian, Redbor, Winterbor, Toscano, White Russian
Kohlrabi Purple Vienna, White Vienna
Mustard Greens Green Giant
Swiss Chard Bright Yellow, Fordhook Giant, Ruby Red
Spinach Spinner, Bordeaux F1
Arugula Wild
European Greens European Greens Mix
Corn Salad (Mache), Escarole/Frisee, Minutina, Radicchio, Watercress
Asian Greens Asian Greens Mix
Autumn Poem, Baby Bok Choi, Mizuna, Pac Choi, Red Giant, Tokyo Bekana, Tatsoi, Vitamin Green
Lettuces Various Lettuce mix
Butterhead/ Boston/ Bibb Boston Red, Buttercrunch, Marvel Of Four Season, Nancy
Iceberg New York
Leaf Lettuce Australian Yellowleaf, Dark Lollo Rosso, Galactic, Marin
Oakleaf Bernice, Dano, Oscarde
Romaine/Cos Claremont, Eruption, Freckles, Little Gem, Outredgeous, Winter Density, Summercrisp, Loma, Magenta
Alliums Onions Purplette, Stockton Red F1, Superstar, Walla Walla, White Lisbon Bunching, Red Burgundy
Chives Garlic Chives, Staro
Leeks Giant Musselburgh, Parsley, Italian, Moss Curled
Legumes Beans Maxibel, Blue Lake Bush F1, Blue Lake Pole, Soy
Shelling Peas Caseload, Mr. Big F1, Little Marvel
Snow Peas Oregon Giant, Dwarf Grey Sugar
Sugar Snap Peas Sugar Ann F1
Squashes and Gourds Summer Squash/ Zuchinni Flying Saucer, Papaya Pear, Raven F1, Romanesco, Magda F1, Golden Zuke, Ronde De Nice, Sunburst, Yellow Crookneck
Winter Squash Kabocha, Table Ace, Butternut, Bush Delicata
Pumpkins Dill's Atlantic Giant, Sorcerer, Baby Pam, Howden
Gourds The Snake
Others Cucumbers Cucumis Sativus, Armenian/Painted Serpent, Diva, Suyo Long, Lemon, Salad Bush
Corn Bicolor, White
Celery Tall Utah
Artichokes Imperial Star
Melons Delicious, Sun Jewel
Watermelons Moon & Stars, Sugar Baby
Strawberries Chandler, Sequoia, Seascape
Seed Strawberries Alexandria/Alpine Strawberry, Sarian


 Herb  Varieties
Basil Cinnamon, Basil Mix, Fino Verde, Italian Large Leaf, Lime, Mrs.Burns Lemon, Napoletano, Purple Ruffles, Sweet Thai, Sweet Dani, Spicy Bush, Ararat, Serata
Cilantro Santo
Mint Apple, Chocolate, Curly, Lavender, Pineapple, Scotch Spearmint
Oregano Italian
Marjoram Creeping Golden, Wild
Sage Purple, Golden, Common Sage, Tricolor, White
Shiso Britton, Red, Green
Thyme Creeping, English, German Winter, Hi-Ho Silver, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, White Moss
Others Annise Hyssop, Bay Laurel, Catnip, Chamomile, German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile, Chervil, Epazote, Lavender Munstead, Lemongrass, East Indian Lemongrass, West Indian Lemongrass, Pennyroyal, Rosemary, Spice Islands Rosemary, Salad Burnet, Summer Savory, Winter Savory, Lemon Verbena, Dill, Lemon Balm, Mexican Mint Marigold, Mountain Mint, Lovage, Rue, Saltwort Okahijiki, Self Heal, Wormwood


 Flower  Varieties
Scented Geraniums Village Hill Oak, True Capitatum, Skeleton Rose, Lemon Crispum, Nutmeg Geranium, Attar Of Rose, Brillant/Pineapple Scented, Cinnamon Rose, Finger Bowl Rose, Ginger Scented, Lemon Balm Scented, Robers Lemon Rose, Peppermint Geraniums, Mrs. Taylor'S Scented, Mint Rose Scented
Nasturtiums Jewel Mix, Empress Of India, Trailing Mix
Sunflowers Common Sunflower, Holiday, Music Box Mix, Ring Of Fire, Soraya, Sunbright
Sweet Peas America, Cupani, Mammoth Mix, Painted Lady, Old Spice Mix, Royal Mix, Herbs
Strawflowers Apricot mix, Salsa
Others Carnation 'Clove Drops', Bachelors Buttons (Centaurea), Evening Primrose, Feverfew, Forget-Me-Not (Mysostis), Marigold 'Golden Guardian', Love-In The Mist (Nigella), Toothache Plant (Spilanthes), Talinum 'Jewels Of Opar', Helipterum, Pierrot, Sensations Giants Mix, Yarrow 'Proa'

 How to Order

We gladly accept wholesale orders by phone, fax or e-mail. Please request an Availability and Order form by calling our main number (415)861-8700. We can send the form by email, fax, or mail. Due to various conditions the availability of varieties may change. Our price list is available separately.

Delivery Area
We deliver weekly and twice weekly to the greater Bay Area and the Sacramento Valley.

Order early
Please place your order early. Orders are filled in the order they are received. Our availability list is sent every week on Friday or Saturday mornings, and orders may be placed till Wednesday at noon.

Terms of Sale
Invoices are provided when orders are delivered and are payable in 30 days (Net 30). We charge $25.00 for each returned check.

Volume Discounts
We offer a 2% discount on orders over $300.00 if payment is received within 10 days of delivery.

Sizing & Coding
Item #806 contains 8 6-cell packs in a 1020 mesh flat. Item #1801 contains 18 3½" pots, also in a 1020 mesh flat. Item #3201 is our new line of herbs that contains 32 2½" pots. Herbs can be mixed in groups of 8. Most of our plant stakes can be UPC-A bar-coded with product identification numbers.

Special Orders
We’re a customer oriented company and are happy to custom grow special orders or contract grow any starts you may require. You can also pre-book any spring orders in the winter. This will guarantee all the varieties that your customers rely on.


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