Sunnyside Organic Seedlings

Sunnyside Organic Seedlings is a certified organic, wholesale nusery supplying the greater Bay Area with beautiful flats of high quality vegetable, herb and flower starts at excellent prices.

Our focus at Sunnyside Organic Seedlings is providing your garden retail business with certified organic and delicious edible plants, in lots of interesting varieties not available elsewhere. We also sell starts directly to gardeners at local farmers’ markets -- it’s our favorite way to connect with our community!

Sunnyside Organic Seedlings is committed to working in socially and environmentally responsible manners.

Here’s what our customers say about us:

“We've been growing specialty crops for the past five years selling to the niche market and have been looking for an organic nursery to custom grow our starts. Sunnyside has been a great asset and very reliable. A perfect fit!”

— David Retsky, Farmer
   County Line Harvest Farm
   Petaluma, CA

“Thanks to generous donations of starts from Sunnyside Organics, the schools I work with have beautiful, organic vegetable gardens. Sunnyside Organics’ donations have helped many Bay Area schools plant incredible vegetable gardens when they otherwise may not have been able to afford them. Viva Sunnyside Organics!”

— Justin Watkins, School Garden Coordinator
   University of California Cooperative Extension
   Berkeley, CA


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